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Apply for our special fund all about empowering people who feel the call to ministry!

Kingdom Builders Memorial Fund - Grant Application

Planting and watering seeds, trusting God to do the growing (1 Cor 3:6)


Over the years our Church has developed the “Kingdom Builders Memorial Fund” (formally called the memorial fund). This is a special fund people can donate to in honor of a loved one. As this fund has grown, our elder board determined to make this fund a “living fund”-- planting seeds in people over buildings. Every dollar donated to this fund is set aside to be invested in people who are doing the work of the Kingdom (mission work, outreach, ministry, non-profit work, etc). In an effort to be more proactive with this fund, we have developed an oversight committee who will seek out people we can invest in. We do not want to be a people who “sit on the talents the Lord has given us” (Matthew 25:14-30).

If you have been feeling a call to some sort of ministry or mission we want to talk to you about partnering together in Kingdom work. Below is the process for partnership.

The Process

Application - Applicant must be a regular attendee at our worship services. Every person interested in becoming a partner with us will need to fill out the application. Our team will not consider any applicant until the application is filled out completely.

Review - oversight committee reviews the application and determines if the applicant's request is something Cornerstone should pursue investing in. If the committee approves the application, they will move on to the next step in the process.

Interview - oversight committee interviews the applicant to determine character, faith, needs, passions, gifting, education, and the legitimacy of their call. If the committee determines that they would like to pursue a partnership, they will move on to the final step in the process.

Partnership - the oversight committee will make a one-year commitment* to partner with the applicant in some way.


Cornerstone commitment: We will invest time and funds in the applicant. This offer will be tailor made for each applicant, it could cover tuition, housing, or come in the form of a monthly stipend. In addition, Cornerstone will provide a “person of contact” for the applicant, this will be the direct supervisor for the applicant, (s)he will commit to investing time and energy into the applicant.

Applicants Commitment: S(he) will agree to work in some form of ministry that will bless our local community (a ministry at Cornerstone or a local non-profit). This work must be Kingdom-minded (Christian). In addition, the applicant will agree to meet regularly with the “POC” for support and accountability. In the agreement, there will be a tailored made plan of pursuing some sort of education in the area they feel called to (college, seminary, certification, training, etc).

*If the applicant wishes to continue after the one-year commitment, s(he) will be required to reapply for the fund.

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