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At Cornerstone, we believe that baptism is an incredibly important activity in the Christian life. It is a visible display of our commitment to Family and Confession - and to promote these two values, we offer two different ways to participate in baptism.

In the sacrament of baptism, we see a visible sign of an invisible spiritual reality - God's work in saving lost souls. Whether your family chooses to baptize your baby, looking forward to the day he/she affirms the meaning of his/her baptism through a profession of faith, or you choose to dedicate your child, looking forward to the day he/she chooses to be baptized by believer's baptism, we want to be a place that values and celebrates families committing to raising their children in the Lord and people declaring their faith in Jesus as Lord and savior! 

If you are interested in: getting baptized, making a profession of faith, baptizing your baby, dedicating your baby/child; please fill out a Connect Card or notify the church office at 559-665-1182 to speak to a pastor.