Cornerstone Mission Teams

Cornerstone Mission Teams

The Cornerstone Community Church Missions Team strives to mobilize the congregation to pray for, support, and serve in local, national, and international ministries that connect people to Jesus Christ.


If you would like to contact the missions team about possibly supporting an upcoming missions trip, please email us here.


Cornerstone helps support different Missions all across the world. Some of these Missions are…

Pastor Phillip Abraham- India

Cru, Ivan and Ina- Moldova

Rehoboath, Andy Newell- New Mexico

Restore Merced, Matt and Leah St. Pierre- Merced

Current Missions Team Members are

Mike and Gerrilynn De Jager
Nikki Upton
Julio and Jen Corchado
Mark and Krist Van Klaaveren
Lori Hudspeth
Caleb Ables
Ron and Sandra Martin
Ron and Claudia Ringstrom
Richard Chandler
Steve Burke
Steve and Teresa Keena
George Peadon
Bob Parodi