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3-12 Month Opportunities


The Cornerstone Ministry Intern position will be a chance for an individual to learn about ministry work through hands-on experience. Through this unpaid internship the individual will assist his or her ministry supervisor and be challenged to grow in spiritual, personal, and professional goals while serving at Cornerstone Church. The goal of the internship is for young men and women with a heart for ministry to be mentored by experienced staff members, and to provide a learning experience that equips interns mentally and spiritually for future ministry. At this time Cornerstone is offering internships in our Children's, Youth, Worship, and Production ministries. 

The intern position is designed to be a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 1 year, with interns serving on a quarter basis. Before starting, interns will work out the length of their position as well as a start and end date with their ministry supervisor. Internship lengths can be flexible if the intern agrees upon it with the ministry supervisor ahead of time.

The Internship hours are outlined below, with flexibility and schedule changes to be dictated by the intern’s direct supervisor. Hours may be longer than the prescribed 15 hours per week during special event preparation and execution, with the intern to work out a balance after events with their supervisor.

  1. Interns must attend church each week and serve in their ministry function Sunday morning, to a total of 3 hours each Sunday.
  2. Interns must serve in their ministry area events each week, depending on what event that is (Epic, Script, Fortress, worship practice, etc.) totaling 3 hours each week.
  3. Interns must spend time each week meeting with their ministry manager to be discipled and be held accountable in their pursuit of spiritual growth, as well as discuss any books assigned by staff for spiritual growth totaling to 2 hours per week. This time will also be used to evaluate the intern’s performance and give feedback for learning and growth.
  4. Interns would spend the remaining 7 hours per week helping prepare for their weekly ministry event, including but not limited to event planning and setup.


  1. The Intern will work directly with the ministry supervisor in planning, organizing, coordinating, and, in some cases, leading the activities and weekly events of the ministry.
  2. The Intern will help in meeting with small group leaders, ministry group members, parents, and students in order to build relationships and follow up on specific events, ministry needs, projects and objectives.
  3. The Intern will be required to attend all relevant ministry events during the year unless their absence has been pre-arranged with their ministry supervisor.
  4. The Intern will help out with other general responsibilities, such as: activity and event preparation, participation in “on-stage” activities, correspondence, phone contacts, teaching from stage, planning of future ministry growth, correspondence with other ministries, etc.
  5. The Intern will be assisting in a number of other activities in regards to everyday activities within the ministry, including campus visits, sporting events, graduations, etc.


  1. The Intern will report to their ministry supervisor. The Intern will be expected to participate in weekly ministry staff huddles.
  2. The normal work week starts on Sunday and ends on Thursday, except when activities require participation on other days in which case the ministry supervisor will determine what days will be substituted for days off.
  3. The Internship is an unpaid position intended to allow for personal development and to gain ministry work experience. The internship will consist of 15 hours per week divided between ministry events, office hours, discipleship, and ministry setup/teardown.


  1. The intern must be a growing Christian with a passion for ministry and serving as a member of the church.
  2. The intern must be committed to living a Christ-centered life and follow the behavioral contract found in this packet.
  3. The intern must be at least a junior in high school, and able to obtain a work permit if they are a minor.
  4. The intern should have developed people skills and be able to work effectively with both students and adults.
  5. The intern should be open to learning new skill sets that will help them develop in ministry preparation.
  6. The intern should be supportive of church policy, our pastors and staff, and be able to communicate that support.
  7. The intern must show commitment to attending Cornerstone Church and subsequent activities, and be pursuing membership at Cornerstone Church.