Full Time - Salary


Function as a pastoral team member to support Cornerstone Community Church in our mission with a focus on ministering to the youth and children and their families, as well as, connecting people of all ages to our church.  


  • Must have a dynamic, passionate, maturing walk with Jesus 
  • Has a passion to see families, students, and children increasingly transformed by the Gospel and people increasingly connected to the Body and work of Christ at Cornerstone Community Church.
  • Fulfills the character qualifications and duties for an elder as found in 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, and 1 Peter 5.
  • Must agree with Cornerstone Community Church’s vision and beliefs.
  • Formal theological education is strongly preferred; master’s level seminary education or equivalent is desired.
  • 3-5 years of related ministry experience in a medium or large church setting preferred.


  1. HUMBLE: Believes in the mission and values of our leadership. Has no desire for the main stage, but is comfortable, capable and confident to lead. His greatest satisfaction comes from seeing the development of people he has invested in, succeed and shine in their leadership roles.  
  2. HUNGRY:  Believes with all his heart that Jesus Christ changes everything. Passionate and courageous in his desire to help others, especially families discover the power of this good news. There is nothing more rewarding to him than seeing lives changed and continuously transformed through the Holy Spirit and work of Jesus Christ.  
  3. SMART:  Has a high emotional intelligence. Works well with people, and loves working on teams! He is not afraid to speak honestly and directly with others but does so from a place of respect. People love working with and for this person; he has a way of helping people connect that comes naturally.  


  • The Family Connections Pastor will directly oversee the Family Ministries.
  • The Family Connections Pastor will also direct Assimilation to welcome every person and help develop a process to move our people from guest to fully functioning disciples of Christ
  • To be a Pastoral Team member to assist the pastoral leadership direct Cornerstone’s mission.
  • We see the Connections Pastor position growing and changing as Cornerstone grows.


family ministry oversight

  1. Lead, encourage and care for the Children’s Director and Youth Director(s)
  2. Help provide leadership development directly and through resources/training that assists these staff in fulfilling their ministry.
  3. Coordinate and evaluate the effectiveness of Youth and Children’s ministry, vision and team with a sense of urgency.
  4. Train and encourage the Youth and Children’s Ministry Directors to recruit and train effective volunteers.
  5. Strategize and execute specific care for families of youth and children.


  1. To develop an overall effective Assimilation Process. Cast vision and develop effective teams and processes to move people from Welcome to effective membership in Cornerstone: Members who Worship, are in Groups and serve the Body and community.
  2. Remove obstacles that will hinder people from taking the next steps (from outside to inside Cornerstone, from Sanctuary to Community Group, from attendee to Member, from consumer to Service).
  3. Provide feedback to the website and communications platforms (social media/emails/bulletin, etc) to ensure that all forms of connection are engaging, clear, and effective. 

pastoral staff responsibilities

  1. Work with the Lead Pastor and Executive Pastor to help execute the vision and strategy, along with the Church's core values.
  2. Meet weekly as the Pastoral Team (Lead/Executive/Associate Pastors) for the purpose of leading the Church and staff team, also for reporting, planning, and evaluating.
  3. Preach periodically and support the Teaching Team process.
  4. Assist in the Pastoral Care of the Church as well as Weddings and Memorials.
  5. Assist in leading the Staff as directed and other leadership as assigned.


This is a full-time position. Competitive salary. Specific Benefits will be provided throughout the interview process. The salary will be based on experience and qualifications. 


Submit the following to 1) Resume, 2) Video link to a sample of your preaching/teaching, 3) Written answers to the following questions. 

  1. What do you enjoy most in your current position?
  2. How do you feel your spiritual gifts and experiences might be a fit for Cornerstone Community Church?
  3. What is most needful for the church in our culture today?